​​Amy Dunker is a Professor of Music at Clarke University where she teaches music theory, aural skills, composition and trumpet. Amy has a DMA in Composition from the University of Missouri‐Kansas City Conservatory of Music, MM in Composition from Butler University, MM in Trumpet Performance from the University of South Dakota and a BME in Music Education from Morningside College. She has studied composition with James Mobberley, Chen Yi, Michael Schelle, James Aikman and Robert Block.  She has studied trumpet with Keith Benjamin, Marvin Perry III, David Greenhoe, Marshall Scott, Vincent DiMartino and Doug Gerhart. Her works have been performed throughout the United States, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, the Ukraine, Puerto Rico, the Czech Republic, Mexico, China, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand and India. Her works have been recorded by the Kuhn Choir (Czech Republic), the Czech Radio Orchestra, Jaime Guiscafre (Guitar), Adam Hayes (Trumpet) and Kris Carlisle (Piano).  Her works are published by Alliance Publications, Inc..

Dr. Amy Dunker,​ a former professor, mentor and friend that gave me the honor of being the first person to share a little about her work and advices to young artists. If you are thinking about a career in music, listen to what Amy has to say, quite inspiring. For more information, check her webpage:



Guitarists, composers, wind players, photographers, graphic designers, etc. People that work in creating something unique every day for a living and professionals that I know on a personal level. In addition, I started the process of interviewing these people because I believe that what they have to say can be useful to others. Networking is a way to maintain the art business alive and running. Who knows, maybe you may need a composer to write the music for a play or a photographer to take photos of a recital. Perhaps you need a professional to design the cover for an album.